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‘What we’ve been denouncing are poor travelling conditions’

Railway unionist Rubén “Pollo” Sobrero was one of the first workers to denounce the poor state of “plate number 1,” the carriage that crashed in Castelar last June, leaving three dead. Following yesterday’s remarks from Interior and Transport Minister Florencio Randazzo, Sobrero stressed that by aiming at workers, the Kirchnerite official is giving corrupt leaders and former Transport Secretary Ricardo Jaime a free pass.

What is your opinion on expert reports indicating that the brakes were never activated?
We don’t have access to the expert reports results because we’re not a party to the case. What we do know is how that train was operating — and we’ve always denounced serious problems behind the carriage that crashed and the poor state of trains, railway lines and signals. Randazzo may fool some people on how “great” that train model was — but he’s not fooling us. That train had a million problems and had been inactive for six months.

Randazzo claims workers were ‘irresponsible’ for going on the record right after the Castelar crash to blame the government for the tragedy.
We don’t talk rubbish. The only one who did that was Randazzo when he said “we want to find out what the black box says.” Trains don’t have “black boxes” — just a regular box with a camera. I guess he’s too used to travelling by plane. Moreover, I’ve never said “the train crashed because it had no brakes.” What I denounced, and now ratify, is the kind of conditions people were being subjected to.

A Kirchnerite might say these kind of accusations end up favouring concentrated economic groups...
We’ve witnessed the hollowing out of the railway system — Randazzo formed part of all the governments responsible for it. And now he wants to blame the workers for problems with the trains? Not even (Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio) Macri would dare to do such a thing — well, maybe he would as well. They’ve made 39,000 recordings of motormen and found four reprehensible cases, which the minister is now using to blame workers. (Ricardo) Jaime is not responsible? (Antonio) Luna is not responsible?

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