A mal tiempo... domingo, 8 de junio de 2008

Frank Black - Strange goodbye
Honeycomb (2005)

Jean: I used to walk in a big, black cloud
You took my hand and you led me out
Frank: A nest of demons laid on my chest
You picked me up and you laid them to rest

Both: It's a pain, to be sure
We were aiming so high
It's so strange to be saying goodbye

Frank: We saw the world from an automobile
Both: Saw the best years over 10,000 meals
Jean: Funny how an evening turns into years
Both: Funny how we're laughing through all of these tears

Both: It's a pain, to be sure
We sure gave it a try
It's a shame to be saying goodbye

Frank: Oh my darling shall we have one more dance
A prayer to the rain god to give one more chance
Both: The water will cleanse us
We spin on the plane
Frank: Take us to the ocean to find love again

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