Una de Hitchens jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

"Very much against my will, the network that broadcast my documentary on Mother Teresa decided to entitle it Hell's Angel, a rather cheap and sophomoric name. And it's under that unfortunate title that it has since been screened at some film festivals and other locales. When I went to introduce it a few years ago at a showing on the campus of the University of Rochester, I was picketed furiously by a group called the New York Lambs of Christ, a distinctly sheep-like organization. But then the police arrived and told me that I'd require a full security escort because some very dangerous criminal elements had been spotted in the crowd. I didn't believe that the Lambs would resort to bloodshed, and declined the protection. So I was amazed to see, as I pushed toward the hall, a gang of hirsute, leather-jacketed roughnecks yelling at me. The penny didn't drop, so I approached them and asked what they wanted. With some awkwardness, they handed me a notarized 'cease and desist' order, claiming that I had violated their trademark. This was the local chapter of the Hell's Angels. Their honor satisfied, they bestrode their bikes and roared away, leaving me clutching the writ and thinking. It's finally happened. Everybody in this country is a fucking lawyer".

Christopher Hitchens, "The Devil and Mother Teresa", Vanity Fair, October 2001

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