Shit, he's talked to everybody miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

Once you've got access, how do you get people to open up to you?
One way I get them to talk is show them the lengthy list of the other people I've talked to. Even hardened FBI agents get wide-eyed when they see how many names are there. They think, "Shit, he's talked to everybody!" It softens them up a little. First, because they respect me for the effort I've made. And, second, they feel it's pointless to hide anything from me, because somebody else is going to tell me anyway. It's a visual aid that lets people know I'm on the case, and that I'm not likely to be shaken off it.

Lawrence Wright, citado en Robert S. Boynton (ed.), The New New Journalism, New York, Vintage, 2005, p. 443

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