Writing is always torture viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

Do you think yourself as practicing immersion journalism?
For some types of stories. Perhaps inundated or drowning journalism would be more accurate.

How do you conceive of your role as a reporter?
I guess I don't think of myself as a reporter. I think myself as a writer who needs to gather information in order to write. Having said that, I'm a pretty diligent reporter. I feel I like I was put on this world to be an observer, not an actor. I like to watch what other people do. My form of "action" is writing: creating something on the page. The paradox of my life, of course, is that although I think myself as a writer than a reporter, I enjoy the reporting much more than the writing.

It sounds as if your problems come during the writing more than during the reporting.
True. Writing is always torture. If I can avoid it by doing more reporting, I will.

Jonathan Harr, citado en Robert S. Boynton (ed.), The New New Journalism, New York, Vintage, 2005, p. 114

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