Storytelling mode lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

Do you discuss your work-in-progress with people?
I find that it helps a lot to talk to friends or editors immediately after I return from a reporting trip. It puts me in storytelling mode. Even though I'm less preoccupied with producing a seamless narrative than I used to be, I do feel that narrative energy is crucial to distinguish a story from a research report. When you are telling a story to a live human being you get a sense, immediately, of what people respond to. It gets you outside your own head. And often people ask questions that I haven't thought of –questions that force me to look at the reporting in a new way.

Ron Rosenbaum, citado en Robert S. Boynton (ed.), The New New Journalism, New York, Vintage, 2005, p. 336

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